unemployed vs unengaged

unemployed vs unempathetic

unemployed vs uncritical

unemployed vs unoppressed

unemployed vs unaccountable

unemployed vs untroubled

unemployed vs uncaring

unemployed vs unchalleneged

unemployed vs uniformity

unemployed vs unimaginative

unemployed vs unliberated

unemployed vs unresponsive

unemployed vs unreachable

chômeurs par rapport non engagés
chômeurs par rapport pas empathique
chômeurs par rapport pas critique
chômeurs par rapport pas opprimée
chômeurs par rapport inexplicables
chômeurs par rapport pas serein
chômeurs par rapport insensible
chômeurs par rapport incontesté
chômeurs par rapport uniformité
chômeurs par rapport pas d’imagination
chômeurs par rapport non libérés
chômeurs par rapport répond pas
chômeurs par rapport inaccessible


About workequalsworthequalsinnocence

Working with animation, video, painting, drawing, installation and intervention, my interdisciplinary practice examines the complex position of culture within neoliberal capitalism and critiques modes of social control, while exploring the potential for art to function as a site of resistance. I am specifically interested in how modes of violence are perpetuated collectively through popular narratives, concepts of justice and denial of accountability. Frequently engaging with communities and collectives, my practice eschews individual authorship in favour of collaboration. This has included an ongoing commitment to working with women and youth who are in conflict with the law, through the creation of art projects in prisons as well as at numerous centres that support marginalized people. In 2008, I completed an MFA through the Public Art and New Artistic Strategies program at the Bauhaus University (Weimar, Germany). My work has been shown nationally and internationally in festivals, screenings, artist run centres and museums. I am currently employed as an Assistant Professor of Studio Arts at Concordia University.
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