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the revolution will be documented!

(“we are many that dream of revolution” MC) project by dream listener. When we first arrived, we walked around. A limo and wedding party drove by slowly honking. A woman grabbed me by my arm and said “let me see your … Continue reading

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writing by collaborators

jessica maccormack (and me) at viva! art action 2011  

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drawing blood with love and guts.

“A sick society Capitalism is a system that requires the majority to have no control over their lives and to believe that this condition is normal. Therefore, all reactions to inequality and deprivation must be viewed as signs of personal inadequacy, … Continue reading

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art. audience.

Tonight I offered free temporary tattoos to the Viva! festival audience and performers. Holding their wrists, arms, stomachs, necks, chests; and pressing a wet sponge on their bodies made me temporarily feel like some kind of healer or emergency worker. … Continue reading

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Oct. 6, 2011 (PROTEST/ART)

On Thursday we met at Berri-UQAM.Not all people in the group had met each other before today. The intention was to meet and discuss the situation/the articles/mental illness/police violence/oppression and decide what to do do. Karen said, “I don’t feel comfortable … Continue reading

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October 4, 2011

I put temporary tattoos on my neck and wrists. The text reads “workequalsworth=innocence” and “travailegalvaler=l’innocence” in repeat. Romy and I put on our t-shirts that read “I have mental health problems with oppression and stigma” and “J’ai des probleme  sante mentale avec l’oppression & la stigmatization” and … Continue reading

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