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Police cleared in Montreal shooting that killed bystander

No charges for officers after 2 killed, including innocent bystander *** I would like to see some pots and pans banged over this police brutality being dismissed. Shameful. Advertisements

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Quebec’s ‘truncheon law’ rebounds as student strike spreads

“Riot squads beat and tear-gassed people indiscriminately, targeted journalists, pepper-sprayed bystanders in restaurants, and mass-arrested hundreds, including more than 500 Wednesday night”

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Canada’s mental health system is turning prisons into ‘asylums of the 21st century:’ report

National Post “In a 2008 survey conducted on behalf of the Canadian Medical Association, nearly half (46 per cent) of those polled believed that mental illness isn’t always “real” but rather an excuse for poor behaviour and personal failings.”

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Student Strike

When injustice becomes law, resistance is a duty. THIS IS NOT AN AD Quebec education building vandalized Concordia Students Occupy President’s Floor

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Preventing Prevention; Protest Against Controversial Non-Disclosure HIV Law

“We think that the criminalization of non-disclosure prevents prevention,” said Jordan Arseneault, editor of 2B Magazine and organizer with Radical Queer Semaine. Flash-demo against HIV criminalization brings media attention Currently in Canada, a criminal code amendment from 1993 currently requires that HIV … Continue reading

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Police didn’t need to shoot man in hospital gown: witness

“Vince said he is so disturbed by the events that he told the SIU that if he knew this would have turned out the way it did, he would not have called police.” What also bothers him is that after … Continue reading

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and again…

Toronto police shoot and kill man with scissors wearing hospital gown Pritchard said he saw a middle-aged man, about 5-foot-8 with dark hair and wearing a blue shirt that looked like a hospital gown. About five or six officers were … Continue reading

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